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NEW BOOK ALERT: My Grandfather's Inheritance by L Leigh @authorlleigh #steamyromance #interracial

How strong is the bond of blood that ties us together down the generations? A White Artic Fox. A Raven. A Scottish Castle. What links these three things together? Jeremy, the titled, suave, successful entrepreneur, still carries the scars of abandonment and rejection from his birth mother. His relationships with women have been toxic and brief. The wedding of his best friend Remi Olapade gives him the once in a lifetime opportunity to visit Nigeria and the ancient sacred town of Ile-Ife. His visit takes on an unexpected twist when he meets Ebony, who invites him to The Lekki Club and sets him on a journey of sexual discovery that has nothing to do with his role of 'head groomsman' at the wedding. A two-week sexual encounter that will change his life forever. But Jeremy's trip to Nigeria is not all what it seems, he is on a clandestine mission, using the wedding as a cover to get the information he needs. As he tries to unravel the myth and facts behind his family's curse. He finds some answers in the ancient town of Ile-Ife where he is confronted with the legend of the White Fox. Ebony suspects all is not what it seems with Jeremy; how did he get hold of the sacred eighth bracelet? If you enjoy sizzling sex scenes, raw emotions, African history, missing artefacts, mysteries, then this book is for you.




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