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NEW BOOK ALERT: My Heart Belongs to You by Sheena Binkley @ChevonBink #Romance

Get ready to dive into the exciting world of Sheena Binkley's newest book release! Immerse yourself in the full chapter one below!

1. Kierra

March 2024

“Welcome to Suds! How may I help you?”

I stared at the person in front of me, who had an attitude with her face scrunched up. She sucked on her teeth while turning her nose up at me.

“You can help me by giving me my money back. The service I paid for is not what I received.”

She threw her receipt at me as I took a deep breath. When I took the cashier position almost five years ago, I only considered doing what my job asked of me. When my boss, Jamarcus, offered me the office manager position after the current manager, Tamara Harris, decided to leave for nursing school, I figured it would be a good opportunity. I just thought since I would be getting a raise, it would help me be able to pay off the last semester of college, but never did I imagine the shit I would be going through with half of the customers that came through these doors. When I was a cashier, I let either Jamarcus or the assistant manager, Patrick Morales, talk to them; now, since I was the office manager, I also got to. This part of the job they could have kept.

“Ma’am, you paid for the interior to be cleaned and washed. What was the issue with your service?”

“I guess you were in LaLa Land when I talked to you earlier. I said the service that I paid for is not the service that I received,” she slowly spoke, which was pissing me off. I heard her the first damn time, so she didn’t have to talk like I didn’t understand her.

“Ma’am, you could have spoken with the detail manager if there was an issue. You didn’t because you came here to speak to me. So, while you were talking to me, the service was being completed.”

“I was standing outside watching the entire process. They didn’t touch my car.”

“That’s highly unlikely, ma’am. If you were standing outside watching, you have seen them work on your vehicle.”

“Are you going to give me my refund or not?”

“You were too busy complaining to me to see that we do have a detail policy in which you cannot get a refund for the service you paid for and received. We will issue a credit for you to return if you decide. It’s clearly up to you, ma’am.”

“What the—”

“Either take the credit or don’t, but you’re not getting a refund.”

“May I speak to the store manager, please?”

“You are speaking to one of the managers.”

“I said the store manager.”

“I can, but he will tell you the same thing I’m saying.” I glanced at her as she rolled her eyes and walked away. “Have a great day. We hope to see you again for your car washing needs!”

The lady gave the finger at me before storming out.

“I see another satisfied customer.”

I looked at Brie and laughed. After my co-worker Joanna left to move to California, we needed a new cashier quickly, so Jamarcus decided to talk to Kenny Battle, who was the manager at the Overton location, to see if his cousin Brie could transfer to Richmond. Kenny had doubts about Brie leaving, but Brie wanted to so she could focus on herself and not always be reminded of her terrible situation with the previous manager there, Albert Garcia. It was horrible what Brie went through with him, but now, she’s stronger and going to school to major in counseling.

“She was asking for it, with her rude behind. She better be glad I didn’t show her the door in the beginning.”

“You handled her well. Probably even better than Jamarcus.”

“Jamarcus would have shown her the door a long time ago.”

We started laughing when Jamarcus walked in through the double doors.

“Speaking of our fearless leader.”

“What the hell happened with Ms. Randall? She said she will never come back here.”

“She didn’t read the detail policy,” Brie said.

Jamarcus shook his head. “It's about time. That lady always has an issue. She was only trying to avoid paying for anything.”

“See, aren’t you glad you hired me as your office manager?”

“Sometimes.” I stared at him as he smiled. “You know I’m joking. Dang, your sense of humor left when you took over the position.”

“I have to be serious about my job, right?”

“Not that serious. We’re still a fun, playful group.”

“I know you’re not talking when you were always uptight when you became manager.”

“Because I had to prove myself since I had big shoes to fill. Well, in Troy’s case, probably small shoes.”

Brie and I stared at each other and shook our heads. We hardly doubt it if Troy Jimenez’s shoe size was small. That’s another man that was fine as hell. But he’s the boss man and was married to an amazing woman, Reece, who was like our big sister at Suds Richmond. Besides Tamara, we could go to her for advice about anything.

“Since that’s out of the way, I need to discuss a few things with you both.”

“Okay, we’re listening,” I said, giving Jamarcus my attention.

“You both know the annual community event is coming up—”

“Do y’all have this event every year?” Brie asked with a pout.

“Blame the owners since they thought of this wonderful plan.”

“I can’t speak for y’all, but I love the event. It’s a way for the community to come together and have fun,” I beamed.

“Well, I’m glad you’re happy because you’ll be planning it this year.”

I gave him a look, reading, are you serious? Brie glanced at me and smirked.

“I guess you don’t think it’s fun now, do you?”

“That’s fine because you’re helping me too.”

“That’s cool. I’ll be glad to do it.”

“Great, because I’m going to need it. Maybe this could be my final project for my business class since we have to develop an event planning proposal.”

“See, I knew I would help you somewhere with your classes.”

“Yes, you did. Thank you.”

Jamarcus smiled again before walking towards the office.

“Were you serious about that? You know the event’s in two months,” Brie said.

I shrugged. “I’ll make it happen. It shouldn’t be that hard, right?”

Brie laughed as she looked at her iPad. “Let’s hope not.”

I heard the door open and looked towards it to see Jeremy walking in. I slowly smiled as he approached the corner. He looked worried, which concerned me.

“Hey, Brie,” he acknowledged her before turning to me. “Uh, baby, can we talk?”

I nodded and headed to the door connecting to the office. I walked inside seeing Jamarcus at the desk. My face gave away my expression as he stared at me, asking what was wrong. I didn’t answer as I opened the door to the lobby.

Jeremy was sitting on the stool near the window when he suddenly got up.

“What’s going on? You’re scaring me.”

Jeremy stared at me while rubbing the back of his head. “There’s something I need to tell you.”

“Okay, what is it because you standing there looking crazy is not helping?”

Jeremy took a deep breath before speaking, “I messed up, Ki. I messed up big time.”

I slowly went to the counter near the window, knowing what this could be about. I didn’t want to see if I was right, but from Jeremy’s expression, I knew I was.

“You remember what I told you a few months ago?”

I slowly nodded. “Yeah.”

“Shania’s pregnant, Ki.”

I suddenly felt faint as I leaned against the counter. I couldn’t find the words to express to Jeremy, so I tried my best not to let him see me show any emotion.

“I know we were on a break, Ki, and things were sort of crazy when I got involved with Shania, but—”

“I have to get back to work, Jeremy,” I blurted.

He nodded. “Okay. I didn’t mean to spring this on you right now.”

“It’s fine, Jeremy. I have a ton of stuff to do.”

“Can we talk when you get off?”

“I don’t know if I want to, Jeremy.”


“I’ll call you,” I whispered.

I found my footing as I slowly walked back to the office. When I opened the door, Jamarcus and Brie were staring at me.

“Are you okay?” Brie asked. I turned towards the window to glance at the vacuum area. I didn’t want to cry, especially after everything Jeremy and I had been through, but it still hurt. He was my first love, and now, some random person he met at a bar was giving him his first child.

A tear rolled down my cheek as I watched him go to his car. I didn’t know if I’d ever forgive him for this or forgive myself for letting him walk away.


Kierra Thornton is currently grappling with a myriad of challenges. Balancing her final semester of college and her role as the dependable figure at Suds, she finds herself constantly on the go, with no room for additional complications. Just when she thought her life was falling into place, her long-time boyfriend, Jeremy Thomas, drops a bombshell that shatters her world. Now, Kierra is faced with a heart-wrenching decision: can she find it in herself to forgive Jeremy and move forward, or will she opt for a fresh start with someone new?

Sharif Howard is doing his best as the store manager at Suds Dallas. However, he has been having second thoughts about his career choice and wants to explore other options. Unfortunately, an unexpected incident occurs at the store, forcing him and his employees to transfer to Suds Richmond, an entirely new environment for them. As he adjusts to the new workplace, Sharif meets Kierra, who immediately catches his attention. However, he knows he can't pursue her since she is currently in a relationship with Jeremy, who happens to be his brother.

Kierra and Sharif, despite knowing that their attraction is forbidden, find themselves drawn to each other time and again. Their feelings grow stronger with each encounter, eventually leading them to embark on a relationship that surpasses their expectations. However, when Kierra uncovers the truth about Sharif, she is faced with a monumental

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited



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