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Gia Baxter never asked for a personal trainer, yet a former UFC champion is exactly what she got. Determined to make the best of it and shed the pounds she gained from stress eating, she dives into training. As they get to know each other, sparks between them become difficult to ignore and Gia's need to discover whatever Lamar is hiding grows stronger.

For Lamar “Phantom” Pearce, Gia is the key to clearing his negative reputation, keeping his business from collapsing, and reaching his lifetime goal of opening a center for inner-city youth. All he needs to do is ensure that Gia completes the full six weeks of training. However, as their relationship deepens, he begins to wonder if his secrets will drive away the best thing to ever happen to him.


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Gia had driven herself to finish the timed squats. Before Lamar allowed her to stretch her weary muscles the treacherous man also had her complete too many pushups to count and ended the workout with those dreaded burpees.

The dirty looks and cuss words flowed. “You’re horrible.” It might have sounded more believable if she wasn’t grinning.

“It’s so you can remember me until we meet again on Monday.”

“No problem there. My arms will probably scream your name every time I reach up. It won’t stop me from heading over to a seedy bar and starting a fight, though.” She thrust out a jab and then a reverse punch before shuffling her feet. “Giana Ali is in the house.”

Chuckling, he backed away with his hands up. “Somebody save me.”

She advanced, flurrying her fists. “There’s no help for the wicked. Take yo’ ass whopping like a man.”

Faster than she could comprehend, he’d bent and grabbed her legs, swung her over his shoulder, and jogged with her around the room.

His muscles jostled into her stomach, but it didn’t stop the laughter from bubbling out as she squealed.

“Unhand me, you brute. This is ungentlemanly-like behavior.” The giggles kept coming as tears filled her eyes.

“Were you being ladylike when you threatened to whoop my ass?”

Her ribs hurt so much from laughing that she couldn’t think of a comeback. “I’m sorry?” she asked rather than stated.

He slowed to a walk. “That didn’t sound convincing.”

“It’s the best I can do under such extreme circumstances.”

“If that’s the case then—”

His words were cut off by her scream as she went flying upward. Before she hit the ground he snatched her into his arms, held her for a moment and then set her onto a mat.

She had no doubt of his strength, but to experience it with those acrobatic moves awed. Rather than attempt to get to her feet she flopped onto her sweat-soaked back and sighed. “One day I’m going to be strong enough to swing you all over the place.”

That got a snicker out of him as he towered over her. “To be honest, I’d like to see it.”

She placed her fingers in his when he reached down to help. With the combination of her effort to stand and his strength she landed with her chest pressed against him. She grabbed his shoulder to steady herself. And then she froze as electric currents sizzled through every inch where they touched. Her gaze began and ended on his tantalizing mouth. So close. All it would take was a lift onto her toes to press her lips against his. Would they be firm or cushiony? Maybe both.


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