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#ReadAnEBookWeek LOVE AND THE LAWLESS #Suspense #Romance @LoveAfricaPress

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

It's Read An EBook Week at Smashwords from March 1 to March 7 and we're sharing some of the books you can pick up for a bargain.

PS: For those in Africa, Smashwords is easy to use. You can buy and read books online or download them to your PCs, phones or tablets.

Next up is Love and The Lawless Anthology, published by Love Africa Press.

This is an exciting collection of novellas featuring stories about male and female anti-heroes, characters who walk the fine line between good and bad. A few even do bad things to fix even worse atrocities. These are the men and women we occasionally need to fight those battles when law and justice fails. Although some of the authors were debut, the stories are well-written and each voice is strong and unique. This anthology works well for lovers of crime fiction as well as romantic fiction fans. Expect suspense as well as romance. Highly recommended.

Featured stories:

Purple and White by Emem Bassey

The Messenger by Julie Onoh

Temenos by Obinna Obioma

Honour by Kiru Taye

For this week only, you can download Love and The Lawless from Smashwords at HALF PRICE ($4.99 to $2.50) using the coupon code 'EBW50'. Click HERE or click on the widget below.

EXCERPT from HONOUR by Kiru Taye

Awareness prickled his nape, and he lifted his head.

Straightened shoulder-length hair styled in flicked layers, the woman wore a navy midi pencil skirt, a multi-coloured blouse with ruffled sleeves, stilettos and purse to match.

Recognition dawned. Kane’s heart jolted and his skin temperature rose.

The face he could never forget—oval-shaped, copper-penny skin, button nose, brown eyes and bow lips.

Sahara Odili.

Five years. Five goddamned long years since he’d seen her.

His stomach did flip-flops and his mouth dried out. He grabbed his glass and gulped the fizzy drink.

He hadn’t thought a simple glimpse of her would rattle him.

Worse the couple were headed in this direction.


The moment he’d gotten into Okey’s car he’d known there would be a likelihood of bumping into her.

Yet, seeing her again made him feel hot and cold.

She represented everything he’d lost, and everything he couldn’t have.



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