#ReadanEbookWeek TWISTED by Stanley Umezulike #Suspense

It's Read An EBook Week at Smashwords from March 1 to March 7 and we're sharing some of the books you can pick up for a bargain.

PS: For those in Africa, Smashwords is easy to use. You can buy and read books online or download them to your PCs, phones or tablets.

First up is Twisted by Stanley Umezulike, published by Love Africa Press.

This book is a Contemporary Fiction/Domestic Suspense/Family Drama about a man, Emeka, whose close family ties start unravelling after he introduces his fiancee to his parents. This story really showcases dysfunctional and toxic relationships, African style and will get the reader examining their own family dynamics. I recommend this book for those who enjoy suspenseful and dramatic stories.

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“Have you known a man before meeting our son?” “What?” Anita asked in bewilderment. Emeka’s blood boiled with every coming second. His breath had quickened, his mind trying to make sense of the sudden turn of events. This is madness. Rita smiled. “Who are you playing pastor’s daughter for? Loose it down, young lady. Don’t be all innocent on me.” “Enough!” Emeka shouted as he stood up. “What is happening here? This is uncalled for,” he said as his parents stared at him, surprised. “Go to the car. Wait for me. We are leaving now,” he whispered in Anita’s ear. “But—” “Go!” Anita rose up, fidgeting, and walked slowly out of the house. “What is this? An interrogation?” “Don’t shout at your mother, Emeka,” his father warned. He glared at his parents and began to walk out of the dining room. “Emeka!” His mother’s voice always had a way of getting to him. He stopped in his tracks and looked back. “We have decided,” she announced. “Decided what?” he inquired angrily. “Emeka, we are your parents. We want what is best for you and our family. You will not marry that girl into this family,” his father ordered. Emeka was highly baffled at his father’s words. He had been so happy when he had seen Anita. Mother! She had somehow imposed her decisions on father again. “Anya ya emepego. Her eyes have opened,” his mother said. “She is a gold digger.” This was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Emeka turned back and stormed out of the house. “Darling, I don’t understand. What is happening?” Anita asked as he joined her in the car. “She has done it again, but I won’t allow it this time,” he said. “What? Who?” He ignored her, not in the mood to answer any more questions. “Bob, start this car and get us out of here.” Bob started the car and drove it towards the exit. The elderly gateman opened the gate, and their car sped off into the hot afternoon sun. What started as a perfect day had turned into a nightmare.