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reWIND: West African Love from @NanaPrah #Romance #Suspense

Remember when these two books came out? Have you read them all?

Healing His Medic by Nana Prah (Sep 2018) is an intriguing contemporary romance set aboard a Navy frigate patrolling the West African coast. I fell in love with delish commander Akin and take-no-nonsense doctor Comfort and the story was a refreshing take on the colleague-romance trope.

Love and Hiplife by Nana Prah (Jan 2020) is another intriguing read in which the author pairs an academic Lamisi with music star Blaise, which made for rare and interesting bedfellows in my opinion. It turned out they had a lot in common and the story was heart-warming.

Both stories give glimpses of African life, from Sierra Leone to Ghana to Senegal. If you haven't read them, now is the time to get your reading on.



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