Self discovery, loss, love and sacrifices | FULL CIRCLE by Nina M #PNR

Check out Full Circle, a paranormal tale, of Magik and Shape-shifters set in Kenya, written by Nina M.

Acacius is a blurred line between light Magik and dark blood Magik. A myth.

Chained to life chasing shadows and finding dead ends, love has come and gone but hope has never waned.

Eurice, a curious shape-shifting Leopard wants to know more about reclusive Acacius and why she's so drawn to him.

Life at the laboratory has predictable interactions, real life is a little complicated, but she's willing to try.

A Rogue, Spellweaver born of sacrificial Magik, on the loose has all families caught in his meddling wanting closure.

Their love has survived through the odds time and time again but against dark Magik what's more powerful?



He’s slowly becoming my home. I have felt very different where I lived before, unsure and somehow forgotten. But here, I belong. Here, I have nothing to prove in fear of being overlooked.

“I like having you here, comfortable as you move at your own pace,”

Our souls are entwined and fated to always find each other in every lifetime, but I’m not an unfeeling barbarian wanting for his needs to be met without consideration of what she wants in life. Not every woman wants to find a man and settle down right after they find work.

She has to choose me, to want to get to know me, or want to nurture something between us.