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SMILING DEVIL: Part Five @Lizzy_dasare #shortstory #freebie

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Mac smiled at Kayden, taking out his fully loaded gun. “I am ready to kill you and move on with her.” He pointed the gun at Kayden, the bosom friend who had messed up his life.

Kayden felt his back pocket for his gun. Unfortunately, it wasn’t there.

“I’m always ahead of you best friend. Don’t ever think you’re too smart to be defeated. I wish I could take you straight to hell but, I’ll let your wife personally take care of you.” Mac shot him in the thigh and signalled Abena to come in. She walked in majestically like a queen and stood right next to Mac as he handed over the gun to her.

She looked pitifully at Kayden and sighed. “If you’re thinking this child is yours, just know that you are wrong! This child belongs to Mac.”

Kayden looked shocked but stayed speechless.

“Shocked? Don’t be. You were so busy being abusive that you missed the time when your secret camera was toyed with. It showed you exactly what you wanted to see every single day Kayden. But whenever you were away, we had our field’s day. And our last plan worked perfectly well.” Mac said.

Kayden groaned. He was in pain. “What are you talking about?”

Mac sat down and rested his legs on the coffee table. “Five years ago, you didn’t just cause me to lose my job but you also stole my dream woman from me. Remember I chanced upon her profile on social media and planned to connect with her during the Year of Return? You knew very well she was my dream woman, but you still engaged her and won her heart with your angelic appearance only to bring her here and mistreat her. And the worst thing of all, you cut her off from her family. How wicked of you!”

“I – I’m sorry Mac. I have been selfish. Let’s start afresh. She’s all yours.” Kayden replied. He could no longer bear the pain.

“I’ll leave your wife to make the final decision. Or should I say, ‘ex-wife’?” he laughed and signalled Abena to take over. She pointed the gun in Kayden’s direction.

“You dare not shoot me! I’ve come too far to die like a fowl. Don’t do it!” Kayden warned her. “You are weak and nothing without me!”

“It’s pretty obvious that you’re not ready to change.” She shot him in his left leg bringing him down to his knees. Kayden cried out in pain.

“Well at least you understand one language. I am not scared of you. I am only disappointed in the fact that you treated me like nothing. Bringing me all the way from country only to mistreat me in this cold but beautiful Russia. You took life from me on several occasions when all I did was care for you. For us. How dare you disrespect me? How dare you humiliate women?” She raised the gun at him amidst sobs.

“Please don’t shoot me. I promise to make it up to you. I was blinded by money. Please.” Kayden pleaded for his life.

“Don’t listen to him. He won’t change. The devil never repents. Just finish him off.” Mac smiled as he urged her on. “I knew you hadn’t repented the very moment you caused me to lose my job and then you went ahead to marry the lady I so much loved without my knowledge. You can’t take everything away from others. You can repent in the next world. Shoot him Sweetheart. Go for the head. No, torture him first.” He smiled and gave off a devilish laughter.

“Don’t, please.” He pleaded again with fear written all over his face this time. He was scared to die. All wicked men have one thing in common. They fear death.

“Tell that to the devil when you get to hell you bastard!” Abena yelled and hit Kayden’s head with the pistol and watched him groan.

“Mac, how could you? I trusted you!” Kayden asked spitting blood out of his mouth.

“Oh please, you’ve always had trust issues with me. And you expected me to keep you company after making my life a living hell? All you did was to keep bossing me around as if I had no aim, no goals, and no future. Dude, your time is up!” Mac laughed.

He walked over to Abena, getting as close as possible and whispered into her ears.

“Baby, shoot him. Remember how he messed you up? You miscarried on several occasions because of this pathetic fool who calls himself a man. One without integrity. Your life could have turned out better if it wasn’t for his empty promises he made to you. You would have been a mother by now if not for him. He wasted two beautiful years of your life. And he would have made profit out of you through his sex slave business - you were his main target. Shoot him. Take him straight to hell!” Mac encouraged her.

Filled with so much rage, she grabbed the gun with both hands and lifted it up slowly, directing it towards Kayden’s head.


She shot him right through the skull and they both watched him drop dead to the ground.

“Did you take care of the rest as promised?” she asked Mac as he handed her the briefcase.

“Yes love, I did. And not even the cops will be bothering us. We are off to somewhere no one can ever find us.” He kissed her lips and took her by the hand as they stepped out of the building.

And as for the partners from France, they were greeted by the stench from the dead bodies as they walked into the meeting place. They were so unfortunate, as the police had been tipped off and they showed up simultaneously to arrest them.

“Do you believe your family would be glad to see me?” Mac took her hands when they settled in the plane.

“Yes love, they would be so glad to meet you.” Abena smiled.

“I like that.” He nodded and smiled.



Elizabeth Dwamena-Asare was born and raised in Ghana. She is a Novelist, a Human Resource personnel and a Social Entrepreneur.

She began writing at a very tender age. An age where she equally enjoyed reading, and would skip hanging out with friends just to complete a novel. As an avid reader, she takes delight in encouraging others to read. She loves to center her novels on Mystery, Adventure, General fiction and Paranormal.

Just in case you’re interested in blog posts, check out the content she served on the Leti Arts website.

Elizabeth looks forward to publishing more novels in the future and hopes to make a solid impact through her gift of writing.




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