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Updated: Mar 17, 2020

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Abena is alive and well. But what's going to happen to Kayden's business deal? I smell trouble.

Keep reading to find out what happened next.


“Kayden, have you heard the news?” Mac asked his friend over the phone.

“What news?”

“Julius is dead. He was found dead in his apartment this morning by his next door neighbour,” he explained.

“Mac, stop the joke.”

“I am not joking. He was shot in the head. A note which was found next to his lifeless body read as follows: ‘Kayden is next’”.

“Which fool is threatening me from such a distance? If he has any courage, he should come and face me directly!” Kayden yelled on the phone.

“Should we abort our plans for now and stay in our hideouts until whoever that is pursuing us stops?” Mac asked his partner in crime.

“No, let’s continue. Let’s wait for the fool to surface. And I promise he won’t get away with this.” Kayden swore.

“Are you crazy? Can’t you see that one of us is already dead? Your wife disappeared weeks ago and still hasn’t been found. What else will move you to know that we are in danger? Our number has been reduced to three.” Mac yelled on the phone trying to draw Kayden’s attention to the danger surrounding them yet his stubborn heart was not ready to give up. All he cared about was money.

“Let’s meet Snape at our usual place. He’s won a big deal with one business tycoon in France. And he’s promised us a thousand girls to start the sex slave business. All we need to do is show up and append our signatures in order to seal the deal.”

”I don’t trust this Snape guy. He went into hiding for months and showed up without any tangible reason. And you still trust him?” Mac asked in shock.

“Why won’t I? He is the one who gets us the most deals. If I am to stop trusting anyone, you won’t be an exception because you were making advances towards my wife just like the others. You aren’t clean as well so stop this trust issue talk! See you there. No lateness!” Kayden hang up.

“Selfish bastard who always puts money before lives!” Mac cursed under his breath and threw his phone on the bed. Even though he was angry, he dressed up and drove out of his mansion. Mac realized there was heavy traffic in town and at once, he knew he was going to be late.


Abena woke up from her sleep as she felt a cold touch on her neck.

“Don’t be afraid, I am your doctor.” Dr. Obese explained as he checked her pulse.

“He won’t hurt you. This is another son of mine I nurtured right from infancy.” Nana explained as she watched Abena calm down.

“Is my baby fine?” she asked.

“Yes. Both of you are doing better than before. Please continue to eat well, take your drugs and make time to exercise. Don’t give room to worry, it’ll affect your health and that of the baby’s.” the doctor warned as he packed his stuff and got ready to leave.

“Thank you, doctor.” Abena said softly.

“Don’t mention.” the doctor replied and turned to Nana.

“I trust you will give her all the support she needs. I will send in a clinical psychologist to help her heal emotionally.” And with that, he stepped out.

“Everyone here is so nice. I never want to leave.” Abena smiled.

“You can stay here for as long as you want darling. But my son mentioned taking you somewhere this afternoon.” Nana said trying to recall the details.

“Yes, he asked his driver to take me there. I’ll have to be on my way now.” Abena smiled and walked out of the room full of excitement. She knew the bastard who called himself a husband was definitely about to go down.


Hours later, Kayden got to the meeting place only to find Snape dead on the ground with a note pinned to his chest. In large red ink, it read, ‘YOU’RE NEXT!’ He laughed in a scary manner, cursing under his breath as he sat down and set his golden briefcase on the nearest coffee table. He was still laughing when Mac entered and questioned him in a surprised tone.

“What is wrong with you? Why are you laughing all by yourself?” Mac asked as he approached his friend. He was still questioning Kayden when he froze suddenly from seeing the body of Snape.

“Oh, my God! Why did you kill him? I knew he couldn’t be trusted but this was least expected.” Mac questioned his friend with confusion written all over his face. He knew what Kayden was capable of doing. He’d do anything for money.

“Me? Yes I know I can be ruthless but not when I am about to sign a business deal. I found him dead upon my arrival. And we both can’t tell who is next. I’m sure they are coming for you Mac. They are killing everyone around in order to get access to me!” Kayden spat out angrily.

Mac looked at him in a confused state. “What if they bypass me and come after you?” he asked.

“No they won’t Mac. The murderer knows that I am the strongest and deadliest in this gang. Why do I feel my useless wife has something to do with this?”

“Useless? You call her useless? The woman who loved you unconditionally, and you turned into a piece of rag? The woman who could have given you kids yet you beat her up till she miscarried every single time she took seed?” Mac asked, getting emotional.

“She’s my wife and I choose how to handle her.” Kayden retorted.

“No you can’t treat a woman like that. Even to the extent of wanting to sell her into sex slavery for your selfish gains. That’s why I stole her from you!” Mac confessed and the words hit Kayden like an arrow.



Elizabeth Dwamena-Asare was born and raised in Ghana. She is a Novelist, a Human Resource personnel and a Social Entrepreneur.

She began writing at a very tender age. An age where she equally enjoyed reading, and would skip hanging out with friends just to complete a novel. As an avid reader, she takes delight in encouraging others to read. She loves to center her novels on Mystery, Adventure, General fiction and Paranormal.

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