SMILING DEVIL: Part One @Lizzy_dasare #shortstory #freebie

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Hey, readers. We have a treat for you.

For the next five days we are serializing a FREE short story on our blog for your enjoyment.

SMILING DEVIL by ELIZABETH DWAMENA-ASARE is a story about a man who deceives a young woman and promises her heaven on earth. It is only after they move far away from her family that she realizes how much of a devil he is. How does she find her way back home when he's blocked every access she could use to reach her family? You might want to read and find out.


It had been snowing continuously for days nonstop. The weather was frigid and people could hardly be found on the streets. Almost everyone stayed indoors, minding their own business just like Abena would spend her entire day admiring the snow and her next-door neighbours through the transparent windows. They all seemed extremely happy and the laughter from their end was contagious.

Today, she was staring outside her glass window absentmindedly as droplets of water slid slowly down the windowpane. Lost in her thoughts, she hugged the beautiful blue satin curtains that hang in front of the window.

’How could I not sense that he was a wolf in sheep's clothing? How could I have mistaken infatuation for love?’ She thought to herself as tears ran down her cheeks.

She had been married to Kayden Luke for two good years. Kayden was popularly known as 'Smoke' among his gang. He was the worst person Abena had met in her life. The marriage that initially seemed like gold had eventually turned into coals in the twinkling of the eye.

Her dream was to complete school, move to the capital city in her home country, find a well-paid job and finally fall in love. Unfortunately, that dream was never realized ever since Kayden showed his ugly face at her doorstep a week after she graduated from the university.

It was the Year of Return for Diasporas and he had shown up with his friends from Russia to explore their motherland after they’d been away from home for years. Kayden and his friends had arrived ahead of time to witness the whole event when he caught sight of Abena who was volunteering with the organizers. He had recalled seeing her pictures on a colleague’s phone but still proceeded to ask her out.

She was the perfect dark skin girl he’d ever set his seductive eyes on. With her long natural hair, beautiful brown eyes and her awesome curves, which could not be missed in any dress she wore, she was simply pretty to behold. By the time the one-month event was finally over, Kayden had won the young lady’s heart and she was very certain that they were meant for each other. Nothing attracted Abena to him more than his looks. She constantly described him as a fine wine.

This came as a surprise to Kayden as he used to be mocked in school for being a mulatto. But as he grew up, women flocked to him and he became known as a ladies’ man. Truth be told, he loved that name.

The phone rang bringing her back to the present. And looking in its direction, she walked slowly to it and pressed the reject button.

Within seconds, she heard the honking of her husband's Ford outside the gate signifying that he was home from wherever he had spent his entire day. Of course, he spent it with women he referred to as ‘bitches’ and his gang. As quick as lightning she dashed upstairs and tucked herself in bed feigning sleep.

Kayden slammed his car's door angrily after parking it in his automated garage and headed for the building muttering God knows what to himself. He had shown up in the life of the Akyeampongs portraying himself as a wonderful and perfect gentleman and with that convincing appearance, he swept the entire family off their feet. Without a second thought, Abena’s family married her off to the devil in return for a better living as he consistently showered them with gifts throughout his stay in the country. He had promised her heaven on earth, which was actually hell in disguise. His promises were empty and it broke the young woman’s heart beyond repair.

Kayden opened the bedroom door and walked in barking angrily at his wife. "How dare you reject my call slut?"

Abena sat up in a state of panic as big drops of sweat trickled do