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SMILING DEVIL: Part Two @Lizzy_dasare #shortstory #freebie

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Welcome back to part two of Smiling Devil.

Abena is in trouble. Who are the people in the black mercedes?

Continue reading to find out.


“Is this the lady you mentioned? What happened to her? She looks so pale and weak. Does she even eat?” the old woman asked wearing a shocking look on her face.

“Yes Nana, she’s the one. I’ll tell you everything soon. But for now, I have to leave town again.”

“You’ve been travelling too much and I’m not happy with you. You just got back from God knows where and you’re off again? Tell me, who is after you this time around?”

“Come on Nana, no one. I just have to hit this particular jackpot and then I’ll be through. Don’t worry. I’ll return soon, I love you.” He hugged her and gave her a peck.

“Alright just be careful out there. That beast must pay for every dime he’s ever cost you.”

“Don’t worry, Nana. I’m taking him down with my bare hands. Let me know when she wakes up.” He got into his car and sped off.

“Poor girl, let me call the doctor.” Nana said making her way to the hall to phone the family doctor.

Dr. Obese arrived an hour later with his usual black briefcase looking all tired yet ever ready to be of assistance to the old woman who had brought her up as her own.

He set his bag on the dining table and sat down as Nana served him a bottle of water.

“My throat was almost drying up. I really needed this Nana, thanks.” He smiled.

“I am really sorry to disturb you at this late hour. But your brother has finally brought home the lady he mentioned before. Unfortunately, she’s in a very bad state. And she seems to have been undergoing series of maltreatment. I can see fresh wounds all over her body. Could you take a look at her wounds?” she asked rising to her feet.

“Let’s see what can be done.”

They headed upstairs to see Abena. Her tear-stained face could not be missed as she lay down sleeping and murmuring in her sleep. It had been years since she had a peaceful sleep without fear.

“She’s been abused for a long time judging from both the old and fresh scars. She is likely to be mentally and emotionally unstable as it stands now.” He said after a careful examination. “I will need to admit and monitor her at the hospital.” He added.

“I am so sorry, but could we give her home treatment instead? You know your brother would not like her to leave this confinement. He wants to keep an eye on her and won’t let her out of this house. He is as stubborn as a mule.” Nana explained.

“I would not advise that. Her state of health is extremely poor. Much needs to be done. In the meantime, kindly administer these antibiotics to her and ensure that she eats well. I will make the necessary arrangements with him so we set up the right environment for her tomorrow. Have a blessed night Ma. But call me if there be a need.” Dr. Obese said.

She gave him a very warm hug, “thank you, I am so grateful.”

“Don’t mention Nana. I owe you my life. Take care.” He said and carried his bag to his Toyota Corolla and drove off. He needed to attend to the sick lady before matters got worse. Kayden looked outside his window the next morning, only to notice that his wife was gone. Thinking his eyes were deceiving him, because of drinking heavily from the previous night, he rushed outside to get a vivid view. His eyes weren’t deceiving him. Good heavens! His wife was truly gone. On several occasions, he had punished her by leaving her at the mercy of the weather, but this was the very first time she had disappeared. He walked straight to the hall and lit a cigarette, and then he took out a bottle of wine to drink.

Mac sat up in bed and checked his wristwatch. The time read 10:47am. He had slept like a baby throughout the night. He yawned loudly as he stood up and made his way to the washroom. His phone rang calling him back to the bedroom.

“Yeah man,” he said settling on his bed in his pair of shorts.

“There is a big problem.” Kayden said trying to keep calm.

“You’ve been smoking that substance again huh? What happened?” Mac asked.

“My wife is gone.”

“Gone as in dead or she run away?” he asked rising to his feet.

“She’s not dead hopefully. But I left her outside as usual. I just realized that she’s no longer out there.”

Mac froze for minutes as his jaw tightened. This friend of his was used to surprising him at the most unexpected times. When things were just about turning around for his good. “Mac? Are you there?” Kayden asked sounding quite worried on the line.

“So what kind of explanation do you expect me to give our partners? You know how ruthless they are. They hate to be disappointed and you know it!” he yelled on the phone.

“Come on, I’m sending out the boys to check the entire region. She’s likely to be hiding somewhere in the hood. She will definitely be found before evening. Who stays out all night in the snow?” He asked trying to calm Mac down. Unfortunately, it failed.

“Your wife!” Mac spat sarcastically. He was furious with him. Thank God, they were miles apart. He would have punched him in the face.

“Hey, hey, hey, I know you’re pissed off because of negligence on my path but you don’t have to sound all mean. Remember, she’s my property and I choose how to use her.”

“Don’t forget that we had an agreement so stop this nonsense you’re starting. Just make sure you find her before our meeting else, you know the consequences.” Mac hung up and walked into the washroom to get ready for the day.



Elizabeth Dwamena-Asare was born and raised in Ghana. She is a Novelist, a Human Resource personnel and a Social Entrepreneur.

She began writing at a very tender age. An age where she equally enjoyed reading, and would skip hanging out with friends just to complete a novel. As an avid reader, she takes delight in encouraging others to read. She loves to center her novels on Mystery, Adventure, General fiction and Paranormal.

Just in case you’re interested in blog posts, check out the content she served on the Leti Arts website.

Elizabeth looks forward to publishing more novels in the future and hopes to make a solid impact through her gift of writing.




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