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"Each story delivers page-turning romantic suspense!"

Dauntless and indomitable, brutal and lethal, these dark heroes take no prisoners in their quests for retribution. And when love shines a light into their lives, they will protect their beloveds no matter the costs.


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💜Featured Stories💜


Rono is a vigilante mafia prince with a dangerous plan to avenge his father’s death.

Suto is a genius medical doctor not afraid to get her hands dirty to pay off her father’s debt.

A marriage of convenience between these two could solve their problems. But what happens when love complicates matters and betrayal rears its ugly head?


Innocent Odion has never fully understood the meaning of the word ‘’Upside-Down’’ until her simple life takes a dark tumble into the gangster underworld.

Now her innocence is wielded as a dangerous weapon in a world of masterful cunning.

In a dangerous race against time, the hunted becomes the hunter. She must fight for her family and for love.

TEMENOS by Obinna Obioma

A bloodthirsty assassin on the loose, a website that cannot be hacked, and double locks on every door.

DSS Agent Lisa's primary objective is to find the vigilante behind the ritualistic murders. But her quest to unmask the evasive enemy might cost her everything including the love of her life.

HONOUR by Kiru Taye

A selfless act costs Kane everything and earns him a prison sentence. A power show gains him freedom and entry into the Yadili underworld. Family, loyalty and honour are all within his grasp.

Including Sahara, the daughter of his boss, who reminds him of the love he lost and she’s totally off limits. A forbidden desire could cost him everything again, including his life.