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There's no right way to do a wrong thing | OPEN DOOR MARRIAGE @NaleighnaKai #WomensFic

Open Door Marriage

By USA Today Bestselling Author Naleighna Kai

USA Today Bestselling Author, Naleighna Kai, tells the dynamic story of when a chance encounter lands NBA star Dallas Avery back in the arms of the woman of his dreams. When the love of Dallas Avery's life disappeared, she resurfaces years later at the most inopportune time. Oh, he still loves Alicia Mitchell, an older woman who captured his heart, but it's unfortunate that he's now engaged to a woman he learns--is her niece. When his fiancée, Tori, lays a proposition on the table, it seems that everyone will get a little of what they want, but maybe a whole lot of what they don't. Three people caught up in an all too familiar triangle. The stage is set for them to learn one valuable lesson: There's no right way to do a wrong thing.

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“You slept with my aunt?”

The words still didn’t register, even though this had to be Tori’s fifth time saying them. She glared at her fiancé, still desperately trying to come to terms with the information her mother had blasted to everyone at the packed Thanksgiving dinner table.

“Seriously? How is that even humanly possible when you didn’t know the woman four hours ago?” Tori shouted.

“Tori, l-let me explain,” Dallas stammered. Twelve pairs of eyes were now focused on the not-quite-blissful couple standing at the bottom of the stairs just off from the dining room. “But not here. Let’s go somewhere and talk. It’s not what you think.”

“What did you do?” Tori snapped, glaring up at Dallas. “Trip over the sheets, and your penis somehow landed in a woman nearly twice my age?”

The drumstick in Uncle Bill’s hand paused in midair on its journey to his wide mouth. Cousin Tiny’s fleshy hand flew to her overexposed bosom and came to rest somewhere above her heart. Even Tori’s father’s frozen expression of alarm would have been Three Stooges comical if the situation weren’t so tragic. Aunt Yoli was the first to recover.

“Did they just say what I think they said?”

In unison, everyone nodded.

“Girl, shut the front door and run out the back!”

A few bursts of nervous laughter sprang up around her, but they were not nearly enough to chase away the unease that had flooded the room when Tori stepped into the house. She’d gone to drop off Aunt Rose’s drunk self at home. Tori hadn’t even been in the house good when her mother, Bernice, blurted out that she’d caught Alicia and Dallas together. Alone. In bed. In the nude. Tori had picked up from there and summed it up in one sweep. “You slept with my aunt ...”

“Nothing happened, Tori,” Dallas said, his voice shaky. “I didn’t sleep with her.”

“So, my mama is lying?” Tori asked.

Dallas shifted uneasily.

“Hell no. I know what I saw,” Bernice snapped. She had moved from the dining room table to the end of the staircase, poised as if she was ready to go to battle. “She was butt-naked and he was nut-naked. Wasn’t an inch of space between them.”

Tori closed her eyes and took deep breaths to calm the emotions that warred within her. He had sad there was a woman who had disappeared from his life without a trace.

“See, I told you Alicia wasn’t worth a damn,” Bernice, crowed with savage satisfaction. “And looks like Mr. NBA ain’t much better.

Dallas Avery was the NBA’s most valuable player, and a man most women would give their right and left ovary to call their own. But Most Eligible Bachelor or not, he had set Tori’s bitch meter into overdrive. Even with his chiseled, handsome face, towering muscular frame and million-dollar bank accounts, he was now worth next to nothing in her eyes.

Too bad her aching heart didn’t get that memo.

Naleighna Kai

USA TODAY Bestselling author Naleighna Kai, self-published two novels before receiving a book deal with Simon & Schuster for the controversial novel, Every Woman Needs a Wife. She is a developmental editor, agent, publishing consultant, literary marketing guru and founder of The Cavalcade of Authors annual events that are held nationwide. Her recent national bestsellers are King of Devon, Loving Me for Me, Slaves of Heaven, Open Door Marriage, and Rich Woman's Fetish. Visit her on the web at, and all social media under NaleighnaKai. Website:



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