What can go wrong when a man accepts a job abroad without consulting his wife? @JL_Campbell

What can go wrong when an ambitious man accepts a promotion overseas without consulting his wife?

Much more than Russell Majors anticipates.

With a thriving career, a comfortable home, and two healthy sons, this new chapter is an unwelcome surprise for Amoy Majors.

A move abroad means physical exams, biometric screenings, and embassy interviews. All normal requirements, or they would be, if she didn't believe they might stir a hornet's nest.  

When an unauthorized test yields unexpected results, the pillars on which her life is built are shaken. 

Whether her marriage will survive a shocking revelation, and her faith withstand a trial by fire, is anyone's guess. 

***DNA is inspirational fiction with a focus on marriage.



At the sound of Russ’s voice, Troy looked up and Junior lowered the tablet. The apprehension in his eyes squeezed Amoy’s heart. She swallowed hard, wishing with her whole heart that the man she married wasn’t such a sneak, and that she had even the whisper of a plan to put things right between them.

Russ laid his hand on top of hers, which rested on her knees. “We didn’t tell you that we’ll be moving away for a while. To Miami.”

Troy pumped his fists. “Wow! When?”

“In a few months.”

“But … ” Troy looked at Junior over his shoulder, then back at his father. “What about Grandpa and our friends?”

“All of us?” Junior blurted and sat forward, his gaze swiveling between Russ and her.

Russ’s hesitation was barely perceptible, but it like a dart piercing Amoy.

He nodded, then glanced at her.

Amoy didn’t look at him, but felt him shift. Her insides were shattering in tiny pieces as anxiety shrouded her son. He’d always been her joy. Bright and bubbly. Now, because of something she didn’t know she’d done, he was turning into an insecure shadow of himself.

She let her gaze go to Junior as Russ explained the situation. Junior kept his eyes on her and instinctively, she pulled her lips into a smile to reassure him. Hard to do, since she didn’t know whether she was coming or going.