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Celebrate African love | A Lil Taste of Heaven by Diana Anyango #newrelease

Our Valentine feature is here! Over the next few days, we are sharing our love for Valentine-themed African Romance books.

No matter what’s going on in your life, these book baes are guaranteed to show you the love you deserve.

Next up is the latest release from Kenyan author Diana Anyango. Check this out.

A LIL TASTE OF HEAVEN by Diana Anyango

Zayna Atieno has lived with her mother’s rejection all her life. According to her mother, her love life is non-existent, another simple task she cannot get right. She has given up hope of ever finding that one true love until she meets Malik Amadi at her sister’s wedding. She doesn’t expect their connection to morph into anything serious until she is forced to stay at his place, and they can no longer resist the sizzling fire between them.When Zayna gets pregnant unexpectedly, their simple love becomes complicated, and they have tough choices to make. Will Zayna open herself up to the possibility of a lifelong love?

Malik is still mourning the death of his wife, sure that she was his only love. When he sets his eyes on Zayna, he feels the stirring of long-buried emotions. Could this be love? He tries to resist their chemistry but realizes he doesn’t want to go through life alone. But it just might be too late because Zayna wants nothing to do with him. Will he put his pride aside and put his heart on the line for the love he believes will heal him, fill that hollowness in his heart, and light the dark patches in his soul?

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