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NEW BOOK ALERT: Her Destiny by Sophia Bernard #romance #Africa

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Exciting news! Sophia Bernard has a new book out! His Destiny is a novella and book 2 in the Hilly Town Alphas series. Check it out.


After witnessing the man she loves wedding another woman, Nkoli is heartbroken and humiliated.

Seven months later, she is back in Hilly Town ready to go on with her life and to find love again.

One look is all it takes to set her heart beating for Chelu, and her body to wanting his. It’s never happened before, to fall fast and to fall hard. Can she trust him to be true to her?

Chelu wants a woman and he’s found her. Nkoli is his, and he has every intention to make Edozie Nnamdi understand that.

His Destiny is #2 of the Hilly Town Alphas series and can be read as a standalone.


HILLY TOWN series on Amazon

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Nkoli dragged off the polythene sheets her mother had used to cover the equipment and chairs, folded and dumped them in a bag. For a time, she thought she would relocate to Asaba, own a bigger and fancier salon. She’d told anyone who cared to listen it would be so because he’d made that promise.

A promise as empty as all others he made her.

Why the elaborate deception, for heaven’s sake?

Like those moments when the lack of answers speared her with despair, stifling grief tightened her chest.


Nkoli jolted at the greeting. Struggling to breathe and not cry, she looked towards the door. It was the man from the restaurant.

The man with the lean, striking face and hot, dark eyes.

His body was hot, too. The upper length of it hugged the long-sleeve T-shirt. With the two buttons open, it flashed a peek of his brawny chest.

When her gaze caught on his the day before, a fiery arrow shot into her, igniting her with heat and hiking up her heart rate. It was lust, pure and heated.

The same piercing lust prickled her skin. Although, at the moment, Nkoli had the absurdly odd desire to slide into his arms and rest her head on his chest.

“May I help you?” she asked.

“I stopped by to say hello.”

“Oh.” She watched as he meandered across the room to her side. “Why?”

It didn’t matter why. She was glad to have him there—because she needed him.

“Tell me what’s hurting you.” He touched her cheek, stroking with the pad of his finger. “You have tears in your eyes.”

It could have been the gentle strokes. Or his deep voice with the gruff edge. Or the absolute tenderness in his eyes.

Perhaps it was that something enigmatic about the man tempted her to lean into him, and find solace.

“Hold me,” Nkoli heard herself say. “Hold me in your arms.”

His eyes fired up, with emotions she couldn’t name. Then he crouched, pulled her into him, both arms wrapping around to enfold her.

At last, what she craved without knowing she did. It was as if his hold offered the assurance that she could now let go. With her head burrowed on his shoulder, Nkoli shucked off every burden.



Kiru Taye
Kiru Taye
Aug 10, 2023

Got my copy. I'm looking forward to reading it. Congrats to Sophia 🎉


Thank you for this.

Replying to

You're welcome ❤️

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