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BOOK REVIEW: Her Destiny by Sophia Bernard #romance @Theo_Uchendi

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

ABOUT THE BOOK: Nkoli is a small-town hairdresser who was jilted by her cheating fiancé in the most mortifying way. He weds another woman on the day he’s supposed to meet Nkoli’s family. Fast forward months later, and she’s back in her hometown to rebuild her life. Then she meets Chelu, who owns a generator shop in the town. They make an instant connection. Nkoli is wary of getting involved again, and Chelu has his own baggage. Despite that, the two of them are perfect together. Still, their pasts could ruin everything.

LIKES: I fell in love with the characters Nkoli and Chelu. They were flawless. I mean, you know how one character might annoy you with their quirks? There was none of that here. Both were well-rounded. Chelu was understanding, compassionate, and patient, while Nkoli was determined, caring, and had excellent friendships.

I love the pacing of this novella-length story. There was no messing about, no wordiness, no verbosity. We were thrown right into the action within a few pages, and the heroine encountered the hero within chapter one. I love the descriptions of the romantic moments. They are what romance books are about—when their eyes meet across a room, and there’s an instant connection. Or when the hero steps in to provide comfort or protection to the heroine when she needs it. Just totally swoon-worthy.

WHAT I WOULD CHANGE: I would have the lead characters get to the love scene sooner so the resulting emotional conflict ramps up the angst level. But that’s just a matter of taste rather than quality of storytelling. I generally prefer stories with higher angst levels than this one. 😀

SUMMARY: This is a heart-warming, low-angst, sensual, contemporary romance, and I read it in one sitting. Perfect for readers looking for a quick read and those who don’t want the third-act breakup scene.

Themes: small-town, love at first sight, hurt-comfort

Heat level: 🔥🔥🔥

Angst level: 🫦

Enjoyment level: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Got my copy from Okadabooks

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“Tell me what’s hurting you.” He touched her cheek, stroking it with the pad of his finger. “You have tears in your eyes.”
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I am so excited about this review. Thank you. And I'm taking into note the thought of angst. So glad you had an overall fun reading the book.

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