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NEW BOOK ALERT: Locked In by Opemipo Omosa #contemporaryromance

OUT NOW—Locked In by Opemipo Omosa, a contemporary romance about second chances.

Title: Locked In

Author: Opemipo Omosa

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Love Africa Press

Publication date: 29 March 2024

Theme: forced proximity, second chance,


Cynthia Davis finds herself in a challenging situation as a deadly virus forces her into an unexpected lockdown in Abuja. To her surprise, she is forced to share an apartment with David Olarenwaju, a man she once loved who also left her with deep wounds.


David regrets his past actions and realizes the quarantine is an opportunity to make amends for his mistakes and possibly rekindle their love.


As they navigate the lockdown together, she is torn between the bittersweet memories and the pain he caused. His presence reignites old feelings and reopens old wounds. Is she willing to allow him into her heart again and heal from the past?


Locked In is a gripping, heartfelt tale of love, forgiveness, and second chances.


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She adjusted her shirt as she opened the door to a smiling Samantha.
“Hi,” Samantha greeted in a sing-song voice.
Cynthia smiled leisurely and was about to greet her back when her thoughtful brown eyes caught him, standing there, just outside the door!
What was he doing here? There must be a mistake. Cynthia couldn’t decide if she was hallucinating or seeing correctly.
“Are you okay?” Samantha chipped in as she snapped her fingers in front of Cynthia’s face.
Cynthia blinked rapidly as she came back to her senses. She stepped aside to let Samantha come in. He also had a look of shock on his face but quickly changed his expression to one she could not read.
As he entered the apartment and walked past her, she got a whiff of his woody, clean scent. It was so like him to smell good; it was his trademark. She could feel her palms get sweaty as she closed the door and turned round.
“Cynthia meet David. David, Cynthia.”
Cynthia didn’t know what she was supposed to do. Should she smile, shake his hands, or say something? She didn’t need to think too long because David took the initiative and spoke up.
“I believe Cynthia and I have met before,” he said tersely with a tight little smile at the corner of his lips. How dare he smile?



Opemipo Omosa has four published books, including her latest book, Locked In. She is a storyteller who loves writing about complex and flawed characters. She was born and raised in Abuja, Nigeria and has been writing since the age of 8.

She has always felt passionate about writing as it serves as an outlet to express herself. In her words, 'I write to bring to life the imaginary people in my head'. You will find her buried in a good book or spending quality time with her family and friends when she's not writing.



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