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SMILING DEVIL: Part Three @Lizzy_dasare #shortstory #freebie

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Welcome back to part three of Smiling Devil.

Abena is still missing and Kayden is not happen.

Keep reading to find out what happened next.


Two weeks later, there was still no good news from Kayden’s boys. They had roamed the entire location and still couldn’t find her. Neither had the media made mention of any missing woman. Now, he was beginning to panic. Mac wasn’t going to spare him at all. Kayden trusted in his men so much and hoped they would definitely find her unfortunately, they kept returning with no positive news.

“What the heck? Kayden are you playing games with me this time too?” Mac got furious and yelled over the phone.

“We can replace her with another lady. It shouldn’t be such a big deal.” Kayden replied hoping his answer would help.

“And what do you mean by ‘replace’ her? Whose pictures did we send to our partners? You know how smart they are in this game and one mistake on our path could really cost us. I am not ready to die for mistakes I didn’t commit.”

Kayden sighed. “We can back out of this deal then, can’t we?”

“At the very last minute? When they are already flying over to meet us? You must be joking! Look, you'd better find her in less than twenty-four hours. Release your boys again to search every nook and cranny for her! She is definitely hiding from a monster like you!” and with that, he hang up.

Mac was not ready to tolerate his bosom friend anymore after he had caused him to lose his job, a job he had handled well for only five weeks after promotion. He felt so used and underrated by his friend that this time around, he wasn’t willing to let it go. This was their greatest chance to become multi-millionaires, and Kayden had almost ruined it for them. He felt anger rising within him and he burst out into laughter for no reason.

Kayden phoned the rest of his gang to find out if they had any knowledge of where his wife would be unfortunately, their responses weren’t encouraging enough. He knew he couldn’t report the case to the police since he was involved in illegal businesses, so he tried to stay calm as he figured out what to do next. Walking towards his fridge, he took out the last bottle of beer and made his way into the hall.


Nana checked the time, it was eight minutes past 12 pm and Abena was still fast asleep. She looked as peaceful as she lay in the guest room. If there was anyone to be thankful for, that would be the kind gentleman who had saved her from the pit of hell.

Slowly, Abena opened her eyes and stared at the beautifully plastered ceiling. The entire room was lit and well decorated with the most amazing designs any woman could ever desire. She sat up and began to look around. The last thing she could clearly recall was Kayden dragging her outside the door. She had passed out minutes after banging on the door continuously without any response from him.

A fresh magazine that lay on the side drawer caught her attention. She picked it up and proceeded to look through when Nana entered the room without knocking. Abena panicked as the older woman approached her bed. She held the magazine like a weapon determined to fight when it was called for. Now that she had enough strength, no one was going to mess around with her. No, definitely not this time around.

"Hush child, I am not a bad person. I only came to check up on you. It’s time for your medication." Nana explained as she walked slowly towards the bed with a set of prescribed drugs in a tray.

“Medication? I’m on medication? But I am not sick.” Abena defended herself, unsure if it was the best thing to do after this Good Samaritan saved her.

“You were in a very bad state when he brought you in. And according to the doctor, you are four weeks pregnant. He came in this morning, unfortunately. You were sound asleep. He’s put you on medication, and it’s time for you to eat and take it.” Nana said and ordered her food to be brought in.

Abena looked shocked. How could she be pregnant without knowing?

“You need to eat well and take the prescribed drugs in order to stay healthy. The baby’s life depends on how safe and healthy you are.” She added and smiled.

Now, Abena was smiling. This was too good to be true. She couldn’t believe that she was pregnant. After all these years of having miscarriages, finally, she was going to be a mother. She held her stomach and sighed satisfactorily as tears rolled down her cheeks.

There was an innocent, tiny person growing inside of her. Two little hands and feet with a small thumping heart. This was the most amazing thing that had ever happened to her.

“Finally!” She cried.

Nana looked on confused. “What is it?”

“I’ve miscarried on countless occasions. I am glad this time, it’s not happening again.”

Amidst sobs, Abena asked, “Who is this good Samaritan that has shown me so much love? Please tell me, please.”

Nana looked up, “You’ll know him soon dear. Soon.”

“A he?” Abena asked with a puzzled look on her face. “Are you Snape’s mum?”

Nana smiled.

“Be patient, he’ll be in soon to personally introduce himself to you.” And with that, she switched the topic to clear the tension in the air.

As they kept talking, the generous man who saved her from Kayden the Monster walked quietly up the stairs and made his way to the room. He halted at the entrance when he came face to face with Abena. And he smiled at her.

Abena stood up looking surprised and all that escaped from her lips was, “You? I didn’t see this coming. You really had a plan. And you meant to get me out of there didn’t you?” She smiled and walked over to hug him.

“You didn’t expect me to leave you there did you? How’s our baby doing?” he asked.

“Very well I believe. The doctor said that I need a lot of rest too and all the food I can eat.”

“You can have anything you want sweetheart. Anything.” He planted a kiss on her temple before walking over to where his mother sat admiring them.

Nana looked up at her son. “I wasn’t expecting you until evening.”

“Change of plan. I need to take care of his so-called partners. They’ll be meeting soon. But it’ll be over before you know it. Please pack your bags. We need to move as soon as this is over.”

Nana nodded. She had no choice.



Elizabeth Dwamena-Asare was born and raised in Ghana. She is a Novelist, a Human Resource personnel and a Social Entrepreneur.

She began writing at a very tender age. An age where she equally enjoyed reading, and would skip hanging out with friends just to complete a novel. As an avid reader, she takes delight in encouraging others to read. She loves to center her novels on Mystery, Adventure, General fiction and Paranormal.

Just in case you’re interested in blog posts, check out the content she served on the Leti Arts website.

Elizabeth looks forward to publishing more novels in the future and hopes to make a solid impact through her gift of writing.




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